I knocked on Z’s door, but marched right in without waiting for an invitation. It looked like I caught him in the middle of a moment of relaxation, because he dropped his feet from the desk with a thump and stubbed out a thick cigar. I could have sworn that his fly was undone, but maybe that was due to my imagination taking flight in the balmy spring air.

“I didn’t expect you so soon, Agent 69,” Z said, arranging himself.

“I came as soon as I received your summons. I assume Her Majesty’s matters are of the utmost importance,” I answered with a straight face.

“Yes – of course they are,” Z said and unearthed a light brown cardboard file from the piles of paper on his desk. “Come closer.”

I stepped up to the desk, sat down, and pulled the hem of my skirt over my knees. I hoped we were going to discuss what I most desired. My first mission. All my coursemates were already engaged on dangerous assignments from Leningrad to Havana, but I was left to organize forgotten reports in the archives. I tried not to think of the fact that all my coursemates were men, and I was the only woman with field training.

Z opened the file and pulled out a photograph.

“This is the last photo that Agent 11 sent us. It shows Professor Amazing getting into her airship at her secret base in the Swiss Alps.”

I looked at the picture and felt an inexplicable shock. The woman in the picture was beautiful. Golden curls framed her face and high cheekbones. Her eyes… even though the photo was taken at a distance, to me they seemed not only hard, but also mysterious and fascinating.

I noticed that Z was staring at me, curious. I had to gather myself quickly. What had come over me? Excitement at the thought of a mission?

And what had Z just said? Agent 11. I knew him, even though I should not have been able to connect his code and his name. I suppressed a shudder.

“What happened to 11?” I asked carefully.

Z sighed mournfully.

“He got caught.”

I swallowed. Jim.

”He got caught,” Z repeated. ”Like every other male agent we’ve sent to spy on Professor Amazing. Our sources relate… unpleasant rumors regarding their fate. Professor Amazing uses them in her unusual experiments. We don’t know whether they’re still alive.”

“And now you want to send in a woman to clear up the mess. Fine,” I said as coolly and calmly as possible.

Z raised his eyebrows but did not contradict me.

“You’ll travel to Switzerland and attempt to infiltrate Professor Amazing’s base. Your primary objective is to foil her plans. Your secondary objective is to free the captured agents,” Z listed.

I stared at him silently. He lifted his gaze from his papers, fixing on my breasts a bit longer than was proper.

“Aren’t you going to tell me what you’ve learned of the professor’s plans?”

“She… she’s a very interesting case. Psychiatrically, I mean. In spite of her overwhelming femininity, she has a very masculine desire to… penetrate.” Z coughed out the last word. “In my opinion, she’s a pervert.”

For some reason, I felt like disagreeing with Z. Why do these old geezers always think that women who want power are perverted? However, I set that thought aside and concentrated on what Z was saying.

“Agent 13 found out that she was making a sort of a cannon, that in many ways resembles… ahem… the male organ,” Z muttered and blushed up to his ears. I felt the heat creeping up my own cheeks as I listened to Z’s description.

“The weapon is large, but its destructive capacity is peculiar. In the 1960s, Professor Amazing worked at various universities in the fields of chemistry and chemical biology. She has developed a kind of… artificial… ahem… sperm. The cannon is used to shoot this substance over the selected city. It rains on the streets, and when it combines with water, it forms something quite like… hum… semen.”

I laughed out loud to cover up the slight tickle I felt inside. “And what does this… substance do, exactly?”

“We don’t know. One of your assignments is to find out. But according to our experts, Amazing is dangerous. We have reason to prevent her from carrying out her plans. Whatever this substance is meant to do, shooting it over London will surely cripple business in the City for days, possibly for months. The effects on the economy of the nation and the whole Commonwealth would be disastrous. It could drive us into the arms of the EEC.”

I took the file Z held out to me. “Anything else?”

“No, all further instructions are in the file. You may go.”

I rose and turned to the door. I could have sworn that I felt Z’s gaze hovering around my derrière. I really had to show these old geezers.

And save my secret boyfriend.

Two hours later, my plane rolled along the runway of the Secret Service’s own airport in Essex. I would parachute down into the Swiss-French borderlands, and make my way from there to Professor Amazing’s mountain stronghold.

Z’s description of Amazing’s weapon of mass destruction kept interfering as I tried to concentrate on the professor’s file. To my chagrin, I had to concede that my experience of male weapons and – hmm – semen was not as extensive as I liked to let on. In fact, it was restricted to certain scientific and popular publications on the subject that I had come across in my student days. Of course, I had felt the hard bulge in Jim’s trousers when we sometimes got carried away with kissing each other during our secret encounters – the Bureau had strictly forbidden any relationships among its personnel.

I once suspected that Jim had an orgasm with me. We were in a crowd watching a greyhound race, pretending to both be there by coincidence. I was up against the wall of the track and Jim was standing behind me. I felt his “bulge” against my posterior. It seemed to move slowly against my tight skirt as we swayed against the surge of the crowd. Jim pressed himself more firmly against me. At first, I was going to reprimand him, because I was flattened against the wall quite uncomfortably. However, I noticed that the bulge felt rather pleasant. I said nothing to Jim, didn’t make a sound, but started to carefully push my behind against the bulge. I made a slow, circling motion, opening my thighs as much as my skirt would allow. Regrettably, the fabric strained tautly, forming a barrier against Jim’s bulge.

My training has always emphasized courage, so I glanced around me, and when I noticed that the men next to us were fully concentrating on the success of the dogs they had bet on, I quickly pulled the back of my skirt up to my hips.

Now Jim could wedge his bulge against my sensitive bits, covered only by the silky material of my underwear. I could no longer concentrate on the race. I could have sworn that Jim’s breathing had changed to a loud panting, but it was lost in the roar of the crowd. Suddenly, I felt Jim’s trembling hands on my body. His right hand slid up my thigh. His left hand had disappeared under my jacket and was finding its way to my breast. I moved myself tightly against Jim, still staring at the galloping dogs, even though my mind was now filled with strange, distractingly lewd images. Jim’s hand slid towards the waistband of my underpants. I wished his fingers would soon slip beneath it, but instead he slid his hand over my vulva from the front. I sighed, partly with pleasure, partly with disappointment. At the same time, Jim’s hips thrust forcefully upwards and his bulge rubbed against my most sensitive part. Jim’s left hand moved back to my breast and squeezed it. He stiffened and let out some sort of stifled groan right at my ear. Then, regrettably, he quickly disengaged from me. We stood there watching the race for a while. Then Jim gave me a quick peck on the cheek and said he was sorry, but he’d remembered a business matter that he had to attend to as soon as possible. I wondered what on earth he had to do so urgently on a Sunday afternoon, but said nothing.

I noticed that I was staring at Professor Amazing’s picture with my cheeks aflame and breathing raggedly. I frowned and put the photo away.

The plane took off and lifted into the English sky with a roar. I sighed as the acceleration forced me deeper into the padding of my seat. I was tired, probably overworked, because my reminiscing turned into a strange dream in which the person pressing against me from behind was not my darling Jim, but golden-locked Professor Amazing, who had somehow grown a gigantic “bulge” of her own. I woke from my restless and feverish dream, as George announced from the cockpit that it was time to prepare for my jump.


I hid the parachute and my supplies for the return journey on the rocky slope, and started to clamber higher. Right where the mountainside became so steep that I would have had to rely on my climbing gear, fortunately, I found what I was looking for. Between two boulders there was a short stretch of camouflaged cement wall with the round, grid-covered opening of a ventilation duct in the middle.

I carefully examined the opening, but saw no signs of any alarm system. Taking a screwdriver from my belt, I detached the grid.

Fortunately, I’m quite petite. Still, my hips almost got stuck along the first few feet of the access. I wriggled myself into a better position and kept on crawling. The ventilation duct branched off. A faint light was visible at the end of the right branch. Awkwardly, I maneuvered myself through the split, and into the right-hand duct. The floor plan I had received was accurate.

A moment later I was looking down into a laboratory from the top of a wall. My eyes were fixed on the middle of the room, on the man lying on a slightly slanted operating table, tied down, and covered by sheets of cloth. The sex of the prone person was beyond doubt, as the sheets had an opening revealing a dark red, swollen, and glistening male organ. The man’s face was almost completely covered by a latticework of braces, presumably to hold his head in place. I was shocked to see that wire speculums were also holding his eyes open.

It was by his eyes that I recognized him. Agent 11. Jim. My Jim.

At the other end of the room, in the direction in which his eyes were focused, was a screen showing a vulgar movie. I could hear the whir of the projector somewhere outside my field of vision. I saw two curly-haired women sucking and licking at the organ of a bearded man who was moaning with pleasure, an organ nearly as big and thick as that of the man on the operating table – my boyfriend.

My face was burning. What exactly was going on in Professor Amazing’s laboratory?

“Ingrid, I think our subject is ready,” said a melodious, yet sinister, female voice outside my line of sight.

A blonde woman dressed in some kind of leather or rubber corset and skirt walked up to the tied-down man. She took a bottle from the other side of the table and squeezed something from it into her hands. Then she started to rub the man’s member. Mesmerized, I stared as her hands slid up and down the swollen red shaft.

“Stop it, please, I’ll tell you everything,” Jim moaned.

“Quiet. I don’t need to know anything about your pathetic spy organization. I only need you to come,” said the same sinister female voice. I heard footsteps, and another woman appeared next to the one named Ingrid.

She was dressed in a fitted golden jumpsuit that hugged her body, accentuating her curves. A peculiar, large belt hung around her hips, and also appeared to pass between her legs. Her eyes were covered by a mask that made her face look slightly catlike. Her golden curls, which could only be described as lovely, looked quite strange against her otherwise fearsome appearance.

Professor Amazing was even more beautiful in the flesh than in her photograph.

“Ingrid, increase the stimulation!” the professor commanded.

Ingrid bent down and brushed her lips against the throbbing… cock. I fished out the term from somewhere in the depths of my memory. Such rude words were not a part of the language curriculum at the all-female boarding school I had attended.

Jim moaned and struggled against the straps restraining him. Ingrid squeezed and stroked the length of his cock while taking the tip into her mouth.

“Go ahead and enjoy it. These could be your last moments of pleasure… as a man,” the professor said and burst out in a surprisingly evil peal of girlish laughter.

A chill coursed through me. What did Professor Amazing plan on doing to my boyfriend?

“Carefully now. I think he’s almost there.”

The rubbing continued, Jim writhed, but nothing happened. Ingrid lifted her head from his crotch.

“Mistress, I think he needs even stronger stimulation. What if I…?”

The woman slapped Ingrid’s rear end.

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you! I’m afraid you wouldn’t get off him in time, and that scoundrel would probably rather come inside you to foil my plans. Carry on. Or perhaps he needs another dose of Serum B?”

“No, not that! Please! I’ll try…” Jim mumbled.

“All right.”

Ingrid worked faster. Jim squirmed and groaned loudly.

I started to get a bit warm in the ventilation duct. The excruciating stimulation that Jim was subjected to terrified me, but it was also somehow disturbingly provocative. I realized that I was involuntarily squeezing my pelvic muscles and watching with hitched breath, excited by more than merely the thrill of the assignment.

Suddenly Jim arched his back and Ingrid pulled away. A splash of clear liquid spurted from the tip of his cock. Some of it got on Ingrid’s face. To my astonishment, I saw her lick away a drop that had fallen near her mouth.

“Well done, Ingrid! Excellent readings.” Only now did I notice the equipment that Jim was hooked up to. Professor Amazing was apparently studying measuring devices somewhere where I couldn’t see them. My boyfriend, still bound to the operating table, appeared to have lost consciousness.

I pitied him. At the same time I felt a conflicting jealousy. My boyfriend had climaxed at the touch of another woman. The very same boyfriend who hadn’t let me touch him, even though I had offered to do so at the Bureau’s Christmas party last year when we had snuck away into the broom closet for a moment.

“Ingrid, I think our subject’s body is now in a suitable state. We can start his sex reassignment. Prepare to administer the first injection of Femin-X,” the professor instructed in her cool voice.

Ingrid moved off to the side, out of my line of sight.

Jim squirmed and protested desperately. His cock lay flaccid and sad against his thigh.

Professor Amazing stepped closer to Jim. Gently she lifted his cock up in her fingertips.

“Exactly. You can say goodbye to this little fellow. However, I can promise you that the process is almost painless. The serum I’m going to give you, together with the hypoenergetic treatment, will change your male chromosomes into female ones permanently. You’ll fall asleep, and when you wake up, in about 30 hours, you will be a woman.”

Amazing started to giggle like a school girl.

I was nearly nauseous with terror. Oh no, poor Jim!

My boyfriend groaned with pain.

“Then I will welcome you to the club, sister! And I really hope to learn something new again in your process of change, to get me closer to my objective.”

“Objective…” Jim croaked. I was proud of my boyfriend. Even imprisoned, tortured, and awaiting a terrible fate, he still tried to extract information for our organization.

Professor Amazing did not need to be encouraged twice. Like many of her evil colleagues, she loved talking about her plans.

“Someday I’ll be able to turn a woman into a man. Namely one particular woman: myself. When I was a little girl, I realized that men ruled this planet. But there are many men, and they fight among themselves. If there were only one man, he could rule the world alone. And I could be that man – as soon as I figure out how to turn myself into a man – and how to remove other men from the equation! The first phase of my plan is now ready to be implemented. Soon my Phallum cannon will shoot its load over London, and my Femin-X spores will start changing men into women. Washington, D.C., and Moscow are next, then the entire world. Within a year, there will be only women on the planet, and I believe that by then my Male-Z serum will be ready and I can make my fantasy come true,” Professor Amazing recounted in a dreamy voice. “On a planet full of women, a man can be king.”

“Ah, you’re ready,” Amazing remarked. Apparently, Ingrid had returned to Jim’s side. “All right, Agent. Say ‘goodbye’ to your manhood!”

I had to act. While Amazing was speaking, I had edged back to the branching point of the ventilation ducts and turned around there. As she spoke her final words, I kicked out the grid of the ventilation shaft and jumped into the room, flipping around in the air as I had been trained to do. I had been highly praised for my deft landings, and my body did not fail me now. I landed on the floor of the laboratory in a solid stance, at the ready.

Professor Amazing stared at me, astonished. Ingrid had frozen in place, injection needle less than an inch from Jim’s arm.

Professor Amazing moved first. With a very feminine gesture, she touched her ear, in which hung a black earring in the shape of droplet. A sweet, floral perfume instantly filled the room. I felt my limbs grow heavier. The sensation quickly passed, however, I let my arms drop down. I relaxed my whole body, suddenly becoming very conscious of my femaleness, a trait I shared with this mistress of evil, and her minion. It felt good to be a woman, a strong woman.

“Professor, it won’t work on this one. She’s already a woman,” Ingrid said, sounding worried.

I noticed that Jim had lost consciousness. Apparently, the fragrance emitted by the professor’s earring had a strong intoxicating effect on men.

The professor looked bored. “Then go catch her.”

Ingrid swiftly approached. She was about my size, so I thought I should be able to handle her easily.

However, I couldn’t move. I couldn’t think why I should resist these wonderful women. Fuzzily, I realized that my thoughts were probably being affected by Professor Amazing’s perfume, but it did not seem to bother me in the slightest.

Ingrid took my hand and pulled me towards the wall, where there awaited more operating tables, similar to the one that held Jim captive. I followed her meekly, not resisting.

“I wonder if the excitement of the mission has flooded her body with male hormones, causing Evening Magic to simply relax her,” the professor speculated. “Interesting. Usually Evening Magic has no effect at all on women.”

I laid down on the table without having been asked. Ingrid tied down my arms, torso and legs. I couldn’t think of a single reason why she shouldn’t.

“All right, Agent,” Amazing said, standing by my table. “What’s your name?”

“Jane Bondice.”

“Jane…” Amazing smiled. I smiled back. ”Jim’s my boyfriend,” I volunteered for some reason. I felt great.

“Ha! Soon he’ll be your girlfriend. Look! Ingrid, inject the Femin-X,” Amazing ordered.

Jim, my girlfriend… the idea both amused and titillated me.

Still smiling, I watched Ingrid find a vein in my boyfriend’s arm and slide the needle into it.

Jim awoke at the prick. His cry woke me up, too. I was still dizzy, but at least now I knew it was because of the professor’s perfume. It took a moment for the horror of my situation to dawn on me, as the effects of the fragrance faded away. I was trussed to the operating table of a mad mistress – I had even lain down there voluntarily – and my boyfriend was being turned into my girlfriend. My first mission was not at all what I had dreamed it would be.

Jim writhed on his table. It seemed that the process was not quite as painless as the professor had claimed. I couldn’t see him very well, but the professor considerately turned my table towards his.

Ingrid had removed the surgical sheets that had covered Jim. I had an unobstructed view of his naked body.

It changed.

In front of my eyes, his large cock shrunk and pulled away between his legs. His hips seemed to broaden, his waist retracted and narrowed. Breasts swelled up under his chest hair and his nipples enlarged. Then the transformation stopped. Jim no longer struggled; he had lost consciousness again as soon as the changes had begun.

“He has reached the embryonic female phase. From now on, he will need the hypoenergy tank. Ingrid, prepare him and initiate the process.”

Professor Amazing’s assistant took a small brush and stroked it over Jim’s burgeoning bosom. Chest hair fell on the floor. A couple of quick swipes along the jaw, and Jim’s week-old beard was gone. The familiar ruggedness of the face, newly exposed from beneath the subsiding bristles, had softened.

My feelings were numb. Could I love the woman Jim would become? The law in Britain forbade such relationships, but even as male and female we had only met secretly. What was I thinking? I had certainly heard of illicit relationships between women, but as for me… I liked men, their masculinity, I told myself.

If I still lived long enough to like anything ever again.

“Now I must decide what to do with you,” Professor Amazing said and lifted a finger to her lips thoughtfully. She actually looked very cute doing that. I wondered why the professor was not like other women in their prime, being courted by a dependable man, dreaming of a home and children…

Neither was I, I realized. If I had ever had any such dreams, I could no longer recall them, strapped down, as I was, to the torturing device of this deranged professor.

I was not afraid of death, but there were certain things I would still have liked to have experienced. Love. Intimacy. Sexual intercourse.

Amazing looked at me thoughtfully, stroking my cheek almost gently. I looked into her eyes.

“At first, I only thought to try out the latest version of Male-Z on you. It might change you into a monster that dies within a week, like many of my former female subjects. On the other hand, I have quite a lot of faith in this version… I’m almost ready to try it myself. But because I like you – I really do! – you have a chance. How about a little sexual gamble?”

I must have looked inquisitive. Amazing’s speech did not bode well for me. She seemed to realize how confused I was, and she was enjoying it.

“You’ll soon learn more. Now, for some preliminary preparations…” Amazing said.

She looked at me gently and stroked my hair. Her hand slid behind my neck and freed my hair from the bun I had pulled it up into before my parachute jump.

Then Professor Amazing collected a knife from the side table and held it against my neck. I felt the cold sting of the metal blade. What was she going to do? The professor grabbed the neckline of my shirt, and with a deft slice of the knife, she ripped it in half. A few more slashes and I was wearing only my bra. I was a bit ashamed that it was not very… worldly, but a practical, powder-colored model favored by women in the Bureau.

Amazing bent down over me and brought her face close to mine. I could still smell a whiff of Evening Magic, which relaxed me. My gaze followed the curve of her lip, with its beautiful Cupid’s bow right under her nose.

As Amazing kissed me on the cheek, I felt her hand brush my collarbone, and slide down towards my breasts. I tingled as her fingernails trailed against my bare skin. Then the same hand cupped my bra-clad right breast. I stiffened.

“Shush…” Amazing muttered, lips purring against my cheek. She lifted herself slightly and grabbed the center of my bra. A bit more knife work, and my bra split in two. Amazing paused for a moment and then bared my breasts, pushing the cups gently to the sides. Her hands were warm on my skin.

The professor bent over my breasts. This kind of attention felt bewildering… if Amazing had been a man, I would have tried to cover myself out of shame… or if she’d been Jim, I would now be the happiest girl alive.

Instead, this woman was looking at me. This magnificent woman in her skin-tight outfit that clearly accentuated the shape of her own breasts. I found myself wondering what they would look like. Feel like. Amazing stroked my breasts gently. I was confused by a flood of queer feelings and thoughts.

Suddenly, she darted down and grabbed my right nipple in her mouth. The sensation was mindblowing. So fantastic and intense. Amazing had a small, sharp tongue that rolled around my nipple around in her mouth. A quick gasp escaped me.

Then Amazing moved to my other breast. It felt like my breasts were on fire, they had never before felt so… alive. I was dazed, and it felt perfectly natural when Amazing, eventually, lifted her face from my breasts and kissed me.

I kissed her back, I wanted to urge open those beautiful lips, but didn’t know what would follow. Amazing’s hand wandered lower, her nails drew widening arcs on my stomach, tickling wonderfully. Her hand slid over my trousers, and I felt her nails on my mound, through the cloth. It was impossible for me to stay still. I arched and strained against the leather straps holding me.

“Perhaps, I must help you a little,” Amazing muttered, as she withdrew from me.

She grabbed her knife again, and before I knew it, my official-issue, fighting trousers were in shreds on the laboratory floor. I was now wearing only my panties, the same powder-shade as my shredded brassiere, favored by so many at the Bureau.

Amazing looked at me and smiled, something I could not interpret in her eyes. Was it desire, love, or cruelty? They all seemed to combine in this woman.

I no longer felt like an agent, I was just a moment’s pleasure in the life of this magnificent woman. I was satisfied with my lot.

”Perhaps, now is the time to reveal to you the rules of our little gamble of love.”

Amazing turned away from me for a moment, and fingered at the waistband of her exotic outfit. I heard a couple of clicks and a moment of humming. Amazing sighed and shuddered.

She turned to me again. She had changed. A large male organ was sprouting from her pelvis. It was golden, like her outfit, and it seemed anatomically very accurate. However, all my closer acquaintance with male equipment was either medical, or very recent – Jim’s cock, which I had seen only half an hour earlier, was the first one on which I had ever really focused.

The cock jerked me out of the stuporous fog that the intoxicating scents in Amazing’s laboratory had enveloped around me.

“I will make love to you with the Goldenrod – I apologize for not yet having grown my own, but Ingrid assures me that the Goldenrod feels quite authentic. On the other hand, my Goldenrod has certain attributes that Nature’s own creations lack.”

I looked at the device, the Goldenrod, in awe and fear. It was much bigger than Jim’s cock. Noting my gaze, Amazing lifted the Goldenrod slightly and I noticed that two large, golden testicles were hidden under it. She pointed at them, fingers tipped with well-manicured, gold burnished nails.

“These are your chances. One testicle holds Male-Z,” she said, touching the left testicle, “The other one holds Femin-X.” Her shimmering fingertip grazed the right one.

“I will hook the Goldenrod up to my computer,” Amazing said, gesturing carelessly at the bank of gigantic equipment filling one wall of the room. “It will register the movement of our vaginal muscles through the Goldenrod. I can tell you that the Goldenrod has another end that is shaped for my pleasure.”

I noticed that the professor’s blue eyes were glinting and her cheeks were flushed.

“Mmmm.” The professor gasped and moved her hips involuntarily. ”Where was I? The computer registers orgasms. If you come first, you will be injected with Femin-X. Because you are already a woman, and the dose is a hundredfold, you will die quickly and painlessly. If I come first, the left testicle will fill you up with Male-Z. If it works, your transformation into a man will start immediately. I may have to kill you later, but at least you will have a few more moments to live. A fair deal, isn’t it?” Professor Amazing smiled beautifully, and rocked her hips enticingly.

She was crazy, but I could only admire her power. I swallowed, and gathered up my courage. Lying back and thinking of the queen would not help me now. It felt like my queen was now standing in front of me, a slowly quivering Goldenrod strapped to her hips. I suddenly thought of something I had read in a less serious work of literature on the subject, and blurted out, “What if we both come at the same time?”

Amazing grinned.

“That’s just it — I don’t really know. Both serums will be injected and they should neutralize each other. You will probably get off… scot-free.”

Amazing stood next to me and fiddled around for a while with the leather bindings. When she was done, my legs were spread open with my knees up. I was open to the Goldenrod, only my underpants still in the way.

Amazing was a gambler, she wouldn’t let herself get off that easy. She kissed me again. Her skillful fingers tweaked my nipples, which hardened and burned, puckering in reflexive response.

“Great, I don’t think you need Serum B.”

I didn’t know what was happening to me. My training focused on complete control of the body, but now I felt like I was losing it – or maybe this was for the best, considering where I was headed.

I couldn’t focus on my own thoughts. Amazing’s fingers were again stroking the sensitive skin of my lower belly, drifting to my inner thighs, brushing my private bits through the cloth, as if by accident. She kissed me again, her tongue lingering over my lips. When her palm cupped over the mound of my sex, I felt the last dregs of my resistance melt away. This was for the best. My tongue shot forward and united with the tongue of my mistress. Her fingers explored my nook through the thin cloth. I felt myself getting wet — and in this situation, where my life depended on the order of our orgasms! Her hand smoothed the inner edge of my panties and pushed into the panel. The cloth was tight, but I could only press myself against her probing fingers. I had never felt anything like this before.

Amazing’s finger traced around the moist opening of my narrow slit.

“Have you… been with your boyfriend?” I shook my head slightly.

“Anyone else?” I shook my head, again.

“Oh, this is an honor, then.” Amazing’s touch softened and I felt like I was melting. I tried to recall my mission, but was completely incapable. I could only lie here with my panties thoroughly soaked.

“All right, Jane, are you ready for me to make a woman out of you?” Amazing asked.

I wasn’t ready, but I was in no position to negotiate. The knife slashed again, and I was naked. Amazing moved between my legs. She stroked my folds gently with her fingers, ran her nails along my labia, and twirled the tip of her finger in my sodden slot.

Then Amazing lathered the Goldenrod with the gel I had seen Ingrid use with Jim. It made the already glistening staff shine even brighter. She reached down and picked up a cord that she attached to the connector on her belt. The Goldenrod was now hooked to the computer, activated.
Touching the Goldenrod seemed to arouse reactions in the professor, too. She moved the tip of the Goldenrod to my opening. I felt its slick, hard touch. To my surprise, the Goldenrod was warm.

I drew in my breath to prepare myself for what was coming. My training had certainly not prepared me for this.

“Professor Amazing,” I ventured, as the professor raised herself above me, ready for her first thrust, “may I know your name?” The tip of the Goldenrod was already wedged between my labia. Amazing looked at me in surprise. “Eleanor.”

“Do it, Eleanor,” I whispered and hoisted my hips up against the Goldenrod as far as I could within my straps. I gasped at its hardness and size.

I felt Eleanor guide the Goldenrod into place with her hand. Then, with a smooth thrust of her hips, she pushed its length into me.

I felt like I was being split in half. A cry of pain escaped my lips, even though I had sworn to myself not to make a sound. Or perhaps I had already just given up on that resolution.

The thrust also affected the professor. She sighed with pleasure as the Goldenrod relayed the tight squeezing of my vagina inside her.

Fortunately, the professor slowed for a moment. She bent over me and caressed my cheeks and breasts. Then she looked me directly in the eyes as she once more shoved her device deeper into me. I swallowed a sob. Another thrust followed almost instantly, making me yelp out loud. The professor, Eleanor, groaned and shuddered with pleasure.

I tried to relax my pelvic muscles, but the Goldenrod felt so big. Eleanor started to make small, grinding movements with her hips. It softened me, made me more receptive, and wetter.

Suddenly she rammed inside me with all her strength. I screamed as I felt the Goldenrod knocking at the door of my womb. Eleanor was gasping on top of me. She found my lips and kissed me. Tears fell from my eyes as I kissed her back. This woman had impaled me. I was her prisoner. I was her woman.

“Free my hands, Eleanor,” I whispered to her.

She lifted her face a little and looked me in the eye. Then she pulled slightly away from inside me, and gently rocked her hips in a way that made me shiver. I tried to keep my thoughts on the objective.

“All right.” She freed my hands with a few deft movements.

My mind was instantly brimming with all the tricks I had learned during my training, for incapacitating an opponent, or even killing a person barehanded. I raised my hands and brought them to Eleanor’s cheeks and neck.

I pulled her closer and kissed her.

I grabbed Eleanor’s neck and stroked it gently. She was still swaying her hips in that almost imperceptible way. I grew more and more excited — what would an orgasm feel like? Was I already on the way there?

Quickly, I had to even the odds. I moved my hands from Eleanor’s neck to her breasts. I stroked them through the soft golden fabric, and squeezed her left breast gently. She sighed in satisfaction, and pushed a bit deeper into me again. I groaned.

As I felt around Eleanor’s breasts, I found a seam that felt harder. A zipper. I quickly ran my fingers along it until I found the end. One fast pull and the top of Eleanor’s outfit came off.

Eleanor smiled.

“You’re a quick learner. I like that,” she said and started to rhythmically move the Goldenrod in and out of me. It made my eyes close for a moment with pleasure and pain.

When I opened my eyes, I could see Eleanor’s breasts. They were beautiful, perfect, neither large, nor small. I moved my fingers over the pink nipples. Suddenly, I made my decision. I grabbed Eleanor around the back and pulled her over me. The Goldenrod impaled me with a forceful pang of erotic agony, but I managed to snag one nipple into my mouth. My trick had an immediate effect: Eleanor cried out with excitement.

Then events accelerated at such a pace that I no longer planned anything. I wasn’t even sure whether I cared how our lovemaking would end, I only wanted to make this wonderful woman feel pleasure, as my own passion rose to heights I had never known before.

Eleanor kept thrusting the Goldenrod into me, and I had become pliable, and well-lubricated, and could easily receive the full length of it. Our hands were exploring each other’s breasts, tongues licking nipples, or delving into each other as our mouths were pressed together. It was as if we could not have breathed otherwise.

At some point, Eleanor had also released my legs. I wrapped them around her hips to better allow her to penetrate me. Now we both screamed with pleasure every time the Goldenrod thrust into me.

My fingers made their way along Eleanor’s hips, and over her bottom. Finding a spot where they could slip in under the straps holding the Goldenrod in place, I slid my hand around to Eleanor’s stomach and nudge it forward.

My mind was filled with a throbbing red mist, in the midst of which a bright star was pulsing, more and more fiercely. This had to be an orgasm, I could feel it mounting. I only had a few seconds.

My fingers reached under Eleanor’s belts, and I could feel the top of her vulva. She squirmed as she felt my fingers against her labia – I had found the sensor transmitting the Goldenrod’s thrusts into her vagina. However, it was not the target of my frantic search. Eleanor screamed again with pleasure – and pulled out of me. Later, I wondered whether she was going to come on my stomach, and not inside me after all, to spare me.

I wasn’t about to let her go, however. I used my legs to draw her hips back down. The Goldenrod thrust into me deeper than ever, and as my fingers pressed the sweet self-destruct button in her box, the star in the middle of the red mist of my consciousness exploded. I felt myself being filled up with the hot liquids gushing out of the Goldenrod. The red vibrations never seemed to stop, they spread from my hips to my whole body, and through our interlocked lips, also to Eleanor.

Then everything went dark.

Eight weeks later, I was able to deliver my resignation to Z, almost in person. I was looking down at the Bureau building from the delightful boudoir of Eleanor’s airship. London men were undergoing their healthy transformations into women. I wondered for a moment, what kind of old biddy was Z going to turn into? I giggled a bit and glanced at Eleanor.

“I’m thirsty,” I stated.

Eleanor rang a little bell, and Jill – formerly Jim – stepped in from the side room, carrying champagne. She was a bit unsteady on her high heels, but she would soon learn. I smiled understandingly at her as she offered Eleanor and me our drinks.

We clinked glasses. We were the rulers of the world, Eleanor and I. I had convinced my love that a woman could be the queen of a planet of women. I had demonstrated it to her with my fingers and tongue, only a few minutes earlier under the silken duvet, as we had made love to celebrate the notice of surrender by the British government. By submitting, those pathetic geezers had tried to avert their fate, which we had pretended to promise them. After that, naturally, we had sprayed Femin-X all over London, because we were also mad. And mad with love.