Lauri Mäntylä

President, Writing Group Caliph

Tapio Salomaa

Vice-President, Book Club Ringmaster

Jussi Leskinen

Master of Coin

Jesperi Korkeela

Scribe, Library Investigations Officer


Informant, Writing Group Oracle, Surveillance Officer, The Great Equaliser, Security Officer

Harri Tavaila

Clubroom Manager

Harri Gävert

Cat Knight

You can contact our 2024 board at scifiklubi at gmail dot com.


Jonathan Pim: Keeper of the Necronomicon
Mika Lemström: Scifi Table Hockey Officer
Kuutti: Maze Controller

Other Staff

M. Pietikäinen: Graphic Cat
Teemu Ahonen: Website Administrator
Vesa Sisättö: Alien Manager, Marvin Manager
Mari Aarnipelto: Marvin Manager