Membership is free for members of HYY (the student union). For others, membership is €10 per year, payable to our account or in cash to the member registry manager.


As a member, you will get our illustrious magazine, Marvin – The Lehti, delivered to your home or wherever whenever it is published. You can attend our various events, announced on the mailing list, in our Facebook group and on our Discord channel. You will also have access to the club’s library.


You can join by attending our club nights on Thursdays or by filling out our membership form online:

Mailing List

The club has a mailing list for its members (hysfk-jasen at helsinki dot fi). In order to join, or if you’re not getting the e-mails, or wish to change your address, or wish to leave the list, send an e-mail to the board (scifiklubi at gmail dot com).